Progressive women, progressive leadership #PRESHEDENT
Father: Hi baby! What did you study at school today?
Daughter: We learned about the Presidents.
Father: That's great! Maybe you'll be a President when you grow up?
Daughter: No daddy, I can't be a President!
Father: Why not?
Daughter: Because only men can be Presidents daddy, we saw all of their pictures today!
Father: Baby, that's not true, women are and have been great leaders in so many ways and hopefully soon a woman will be the President of the U.S.A.
Daughter: You mean a PRESHEDENT? (smiling)
Father: (laughing) Yes! It's time for a precedent!

About Us

We are two daughters and two dads. HERStory captures the sentiment of a conversation between one of the dads and his daughter. This inspired us to create something together that is fun yet meaningful. PRESHEDENT is our small project to spread the idea that visionary female leadership in all aspects of life is important and needed and any woman can be that leader.

Time left before we change history into

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